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Teacher-authors around the world: meet Jean from Australia!

Hey everyone, I'm here for a new interview in the series Teacher-authors around the world!
This time, my interviewee is Jean, better known as The Teacher Gene.

 The Teacher Gene
Click on the image to check out Jean's TpT store
1. Tell us about where you were born.
If you are looking for an international teacher you have come to the right place! This Australian was born in a little town called London, England! My Australian mum and Irish dad were on a working holiday in the UK when I was born. At a few months old, I was living in sunny Queensland, where I spent my childhood. I now call Brisbane home.

A day at the beach near home.

2. Where else have you lived?
Other than my short stint in London, I have also lived in Scotland. My husband and I lived in a little village near Aberdeen for 6 years. We loved our time in Scotland, where I had the privilege of teaching my Scottish students phonics albeit with an Australian accent! Our three beautiful children were born while we were there. Our time in Scotland was very special and will always be a part of us.

The village in Scotland where Jean and her family lived for 6 years.

3. I believe your mother is also a teacher. Have you always known you'd grow up to be a teacher? Is that where "The Teacher Gene" name come from?
You are right, Lucy! My mum is a wonderful teacher! Although I saw the hours she put into her job as I grew up, I also witnessed the fulfillment, love and sense of purpose she experienced from what was her calling in life. I don't think I ever thought I would do anything else other than follow in her footsteps. She has been such a wonderful support to me in my own teaching and we have so many similar thoughts regarding education. It is special to share my teaching journey with my mum. So yes, 'The Teacher Gene' came from this sense of teaching being a part of who I am and where I came from. Also my name is Jean.

And this is the face behind The Teacher Gene.
What a beautiful smile!
4. I know you're on a mission to get the word out about Teachers Pay Teachers in Australia. Do your colleagues and friends know about TpT?
If they have met me, they know ALL about TpT now! I have to hold myself back from sounding too 'evangelical' about TpT to be honest! Teachers Pay Teachers has been such a huge blessing to me that I want others to know what creative and time-saving resources are out there to buy, and what an awesome opportunity exists if they wish to sell! In fact my lovely mum and sister-in-law have become sellers, and I have a few colleagues also asking questions! I love walking into classrooms and spotting TpT resources. It's amazing to think how many students and teachers have been impacted by TpT!

Here's what an interactive notebook looks like!
5. You really love interactive notebooks, don't you? What would you say to teachers who are thinking about implementing INBs in their classrooms?
Yes! I am a big believer in making learning as engaging as possible! I love that Interactive Notebooks can cater for different learning styles, provide opportunities for hands-on learning experiences and be an organized reference for reinforcement! For those teachers thinking about using INBs in their early years classroom, I would say go for it and don't be afraid of the mess! There will be a lot of cutting and pasting, you will need to be patient at the beginning and work in small groups, but once the kids become familiar with the process and better with their fine motor (encouraged by INBs!) the enjoyment and progress of your students will be worth it!

 FREE Interactive Notebook Sight Words
FREE Interactive Notebook - Sight Words
6. Just for fun, could you share something about you that we don't know?
Although I have traveled to many different countries internationally, I haven't seen much of my own country! Up until last week, I had never been to Sydney! Crazy! So over the school holidays, my children and I saw these Australian icons for the first time......together! Very special!

Thank you so much, Jean, for the interview! I really enjoyed getting to know you more! 

Now head to Jean's The Teacher Gene blog, check out her Pinterest boards or chat with her on Facebook or G+.

Don't forget to leave a comment for me and Jean and try to guess from where my next guest is!

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Thank you all for reading!


  1. Thank you so much for interviewing me, Lucy! It has been so fun connecting with you!

    1. Loved learning more about you, Jean!

    2. We may be on opposite sides of the world, but I feel we're closer now because of this interview :)
      Thank YOU!

  2. Great interview with Jean! She and I have been talking online lately and are going to be "blogging buddies"! I enjoyed learning more about her. I already knew she has great teaching resources. Should you ever want to interview a recently retired American teacher who creates teaching resources for K-4 I would love to be considered:).

    1. "Blogging buddies"? That sounds like a great idea!
      I enjoy learning more about the teachers we meet on this virtual world.
      Thanks for reading!

  3. It's awesome to see Sydney looking so summery in the middle of our Southern Hemisphere winter - thanks for another great read :-)

    1. It's winter here too, so I understand what you mean!
      Thanks for stopping by ;)

    2. We had the most beautiful weather! I actually didn't even have a coat, though I could have done with one around the harbour!

  4. I always enjoy reading these interviews, Lucy. It's so much fun to "travel" to other countries and "meet" teachers from around the world! I look forward to reading more interviews! Thanks for sharing, Jean!

    1. I love to travel and can't do it as often as I'd like. I guess I started this series so I get to "travel" more! I guess that makes you and me travel buddies ;)
      Thanks for reading!